Text Message Marketing

Text Messaging is the Fastest Growing Marketing Channel

Text messaging is the fastest growing marketing channel in America. Consumers, in research studies, vastly prefer to receive marketing messages, after opt-in, via text than any other channel. Nearly ALL (98%) text messages are opened. 70% are opened within the first 30-seconds!

Text messages are more effective because they result in more conversions. Since more of your vital messages get opened, this means more views and clicks. Text messages get a 20-30% average click through rate across all industries.

Infinitude’s fully automated platform allows for permission based capture of your clients name and other personal data. This means personalized remarketing messages which get more results. Our automated platform can be easily set to send remarketing messages that drive repeat business, get more referrals, and increase social media engagement.

Pricing Guideline

All Packages Require a $149/Account Set-Up Fee

All Text Messaging Packages include:

  • Web Widgets
  • Text-to-Get (Auto-Responder)
  • Blast Campaign Manager
  • Drip Messaging Campaigns
  • Password Protected Database Builder
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Platform Training
  • 2-Way Messaging