Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an integral part of any smart marketing strategy. The common wisdom says that the audience is huge and it’s free! Unfortunately, the days when a budding entrepreneur could “growth hack” their business are gone, if they ever existed.

Social media is about raising and maintaining brand awareness. Unfortunately, many small businesses treat it as advertising. It doesn’t really work. Conversion rates are small and paid advertising can be expensive for some budgets. Still, the lure and appeal of social media is undeniable. Our objective is to put our digital marketing tools to work to get you more views, likes, and shares. This, we believe, is the best way to help you maximize both free and paid social media campaigns.

It’s Social Media not Mobile Media. Isn’t it?

Social media is generally thought of as a separate channel by most business owners. However, a little research shows that social media is really a mobile channel.

Instagram was specifically designed as a mobile platform. They claim 1 billion monthly users. Instagram users are under 40 and mostly teens and young adults. Stunning graphics or selfie style videos that speak directly to an audience work best

YouTube claims 2 billion monthly users with 70% viewing on mobile. It’s the world’s second most popular search engine. 73% of American adults use YouTube regularly with a heavy concentration among the magic 15-35 demographic. Ideal for businesses interested in customers under 50 that seek entertaining or educational video content.

98% of Facebook’s 1.5 billion daily users are viewing on a mobile phone. Users skew heavily towards older users, especially those above 40 years of age. Material, like short videos, that evoke an emotional response works best.

Twitter’s user base has been steady around 300 million monthly users with 80% viewing on mobile. Twitter’s audience, mostly males between 35-65, may be small, but they’re tech savvy and very engaged on the platform.

LinkedIn continues to grow as a predominately B2B platform. They report about 675 million daily users. Far less than Facebook but still a significant group. 57% of LinkedIn users are on mobile.

How can Mobile help my Social Media?

The currency of social media is views, likes & shares. Unfortunately, social media sites, particularly Facebook throttle who can see your posts. In fact, Facebook limits which of your followers see your posts to less than 5%. Their goal, presumably, is to drive you to a paid advertising model, which may have some effect.

Platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter pose a challenge in developing content, particularly video. It’s easy to get lost in the fickle forest of Instagram users.

First, businesses interested in attracting attention to their brand should do a little research into best practices. Too many businesses simply assume that posting often, sometimes very often, is the best policy. After all, if one post is good a million should be a million times better. We encourage business owners to utilize best practice procedures before embarking on a social media campaign.

Secondly, make sure that your visual and video content is specifically designed for viewing on a particular platform and on mobile. There are many guides freely available online. Size and aspect ratio are critically important and vary from one platform to another. spend some time and learn what the best practices are for creating visual and video content.

Finally, and most important, we recommend that business owners utilize text messaging as a way to drive views, likes, and shares without paying for ads. We know text messages always reach the intended recipient and nearly 100% get opened. Furthermore, we know that links sent in a text message get a 20-30% click through rate. Text messages containing a link to your current social media content will clearly drive up your media currency.

Video Content and Social Media

Infinitude Mobile Marketing does not offer true social media management except in special circumstances. However, we do offer our clients some limited support in terms of creating graphics and video content that improves brand awareness, as well as attracting more views, likes & shares.

Video Content Creation

Video content has been shown to be an effective medium across all digital channels. Video improves search, keeps viewers on your site longer, and drives social media engagement. A 1-3 minute video can dramatically improve your digital assets performance. Infinitude has a range of video capability from animated explainer videos to full motion edited video compilations.

Video Cover & Content

Social media is mostly about creating brand consistency and top of mind awareness. Video content and especially a video covers engage users and encourage sharing.