Power Web Apps

Power Web Apps

Our cloud based Power Web Apps (PWA) provide an affordable and effective solution for small and medium sized businesses. These progressive web apps can be used and deployed across any number of industries and uses. They’re fully customizable and work across any device. This means lower development fees and faster time to deploy.

Progressive Web Apps offer key advantages. In addition to lower development costs and faster deployment time, Web Apps offer your customers more convenience. Infinitude’s PWA’s do not require a download or your personal data before using. Click-n-Use! that’s it!

Our Power Web Apps offer more safety and security an increasing concern for consumers. They don’t require your customers to enter their personal information before using the PWA. They can’t access your customers internal phone data and don’t track them either. Your customers get all the convenience and personalization without the worry that their data may be vulnerable.

Put aside 20 years of desktop web legacy and reinvent the role mobile web plays in customer engagement…it’s time to start over and build progressive , app-like mobile web experiences.”

Forrester 2017

Native Apps vs. Power Web App

Native Apps

  • High upfront development costs due to need to develop separate App for iOS, Android, and other types of phones
  • Difficult to adopt. Takes 6-steps before you can use App
  • Requires input of personal data to use
  • Requires download which means memory and access to your phones internal data
  • High cost to maintain. Native Apps require constant monitoring for security and updating
  • Consumers won’t download an App

Power Web Apps

  • Very Affordable! One App works across all devices
  • Easy to adopt. Click-n-Use Technology!
  • No need to enter personal data. Click-n-Use Technology!
  • No download required
  • Does not access your phones internal data. Very Safe to use!
  • Requires little to no maintenance or monitoring
  • Consumers and businesses love Power Web Apps

Application leaders responsible for mobile app strategies must determine when–not if–they need to factor in PWA’s as part of their overall mobile development strategy

Gartner 2017

1-2-Connect! Power Web Apps

1-2-Connect! PWA’s are the 21st Century Word of Marketing tools. We utilize the power of personal mobile devices to help you, your sales and marketing team, or civic group get the word out.

1-2-Eat! Order-Ahead PWA

1-2-Eat! Order-Ahead PWA’s offer stand-alone and chain operations a more affordable and effective solution for providing their customers with a convenient mobile option. Set-up your own delivery, mobile loyalty, or mobile couponing program

1-2-Shop! mCommerce PWA

1-2-Shop! mCommerce PWA’s are the absolute best and most affordable solution for small and medium sized retail businesses to compete with the largest retailers by offering pay-online-pick-up-in-store or delivery options.