Digital Marketing Services

Infinitude Mobile Marketing is dedicated to designing and developing cloud based digital marketing tools that drive word of mouth. Our tools are also designed to help small and medium sized businesses grow by offering their customers the convenience and rich mobile experience they expect and demand.

We also understand intimately the challenges of running a small business. Besides the obvious challenges of the day-to-day, business owners and managers often lose sleep wondering how to best keep the customers they have and get new customers on budget. Our tools are both effective and affordable. We strive to produce out-of-the-box solutions with an eye towards customizing for specific niches. Our objective is to partner with you to maximize results.

Services We Offer Include

Power Web Apps

Our Cloud Based Power Web Apps are faster and more user friendly than traditional Mobile Apps. Our Click-n-Use technology means your customers can start using the App within seconds without having to enter their personal information. More convenience means higher customer satisfaction. One App works on any device instantly. This means we can deploy in days not weeks or months at a fraction of the cost.

Text Message Marketing

Text messaging is the fastest growing marketing channel in America. Nearly 80% of consumers say they prefer to receive messages, offers, and discounts via text from the companies they trust. Unlike email, text gets far less than 10% spam because it’s permission based. Nearly all text messages get opened and 70% are opened within 30-seconds. Links delivered via text get a 20-30% click thru rate far outpacing email or social media posts. Text messaging is simply the most effective marketing channel.