Mobile Marketing is 21st Century Word of Mouth

21st Century Word of Mouth

Mobile devices are the key factor influencing the modern consumers path to purchase. Today’s consumer is always online always connected. Consumers are ALREADY going to their personal MOBILE device FIRST when searching for a local business. They look to their mobile devices first for information on the goods and services they want. They are already doing it daily in your store, in the moment, and on the fly.

They write reviews, share pictures, and they want everyone to know. They share their experiences and what they know about the brands, goods, and services they value through their personal mobile device via text and on social media. A 21st Century version of word of mouth.

Smart business owners that want to succeed in this hyper-competitive, hyper-connected market place need to put their customers first. They need user friendly mobile options that consumers want and demand. Mobile tools that are affordable, easy to maintain, and compatible with existing infrastructure. Infinitude Mobile Marketing specializes in developing mobile tools for small and medium sized business that understand the power of mobile marketing. We do 21st Century Word of Mouth Marketing.

Power Web Apps

Cloud based progressive web apps are an affordable, easy to maintain, and effective mobile solution for small and medium sized businesses. Works across all devices.

Text Messaging

Text messaging is the fastest growing and most effective marketing channel in America. 98% of all messages get opened. 20-30% click through rates. More opens. More clicks.

Video Marketing

Video is growing as a marketing channel. Video influences how consumers view your brand. Video influences buying decisions and improves engagement across all channels.

Email Marketing

The majority of emails (64%) are opened on a mobile device. Mobile optimized emails, rich graphics and calls-to-action get more opens and more click through’s.

Social Media

Build brand awareness on Social media with more views, likes, and shares. The modern version of word of mouth. Links to social posts sent via text drive social media engagement. More opens. More clicks. More views.

Web Services

On-Page SEO, content, and local search optimization drives views and makes the phone ring. Mobile optimized engagement tools mean more convenience for your customers and faster response time.